The Political Economy of Development

I am currently teaching the required first-year ‘core’ course for the LSE’s Masters in Public Affairs (MPA) Programme in International Development.

DV448–The Political Economy of Development

DV448 syllabus formatted for A4-sized paper
DV448 syllabus formatted for Letter-sized paper

International Political Economy, the Mechanics of Policy Analysis, and other courses

In addition, I have previously taught or co-taught courses on a wide variety of topics.  Developed while I was a professor at the University of Chicago’s Harris School of Public Policy, these include ‘Theoretical Foundations of International Political Economy’ (PP429), ‘Managing Globalization’ (PP427), ‘U.S. Foreign Economic Policy’ (PP428), and ‘Analyzing International Policy’ (PP434).

PP429–Theoretical Foundations of International Political Economy

PP429 syllabus formatted for A4-sized paper
PP429 syllabus formatted for Letter-sized paper

PP428–U.S. Foreign Economic Policy

PP428 syllabus formatted for A4-sized paper
PP428 syllabus formatted for Letter-sized paper

PP434–Analyzing International Policy

PP434 syllabus formatted for A4-sized paper
PP434 syllabus formatted for Letter-sized paper

How to write a Distinction-worthy policy paper or dissertation

These are some slides from a lecture given to MPA and Development Management students.

How to write a terrific policy paper or dissertation


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